12 Unique Garden Wall Decoration Ideas

garden wall decoration ideas

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Every element in your garden should provide some aesthetic value and reflect your taste and style. Veteran gardeners know this. That’s why their garden wall isn’t just for privacy, boundary or security. It’s also there to look good and contribute to the garden’s visual appeal.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. You don’t even have to buy anything or pay anyone. More often than not, you just need a little bit of creativity. 

So, let’s spark your creativity by introducing you to unique garden wall decoration ideas. We will also share tips for choosing the right decoration for your garden wall.

Outdoor Wall Murals

It’s easy to see why murals are getting more popular in gardens. They bring a burst of colour, dynamism and style. They can also serve as focal points or backdrops for seating areas. Plus, the design possibilities are limitless. You can paint pretty much anything. That’s why this garden wall decoration idea is so special.  

So, if you want to add a touch of artistry and atmosphere to your garden wall, hire someone to paint a mural. You can even do it yourself. Just make sure to use weatherproof paint and clean the wall before painting.

Decorative Wall Planters

The most effective way to make a garden wall feel like part of a garden is to blur the lines between hard and soft landscaping. Wall planters are a simple and stylish way to accomplish this. The planters themselves will also add some aesthetic value.

You can get stylish terracotta, ceramic, wooden or galvanised ones. You can even repurpose old glass jars and household plastic. Then hook them up to the garden wall with hooks, brackets, adhesives, magnets, nails and screws, or suction cups. As for the plant choice, go with low-maintenance options. Examples are daisies, geraniums, ferns, herbs and creepers like clematis and passion flowers. 

Metal Wall Art

Metal art pieces are also great for decorating garden walls and other outdoor spaces. Metal is durable and easy to maintain. So, the decoration will last. The visual appeal is also incredible. There is something powerful and sleek about geometric metal wall art overlooking a patio surrounded by greenery. The artwork can be copper, brass, tin, silver, iron, bronze or an alloy.

Wall-Mounted Lanterns and Lights

Your garden is going to need lighting and you are likely going to choose wall-mounted lights. So, here is a garden wall decoration idea that kills two birds with one stone. Don’t underestimate the aesthetic appeal of stylish lamps and lighting. Use your wall-mounted lights to improve visual appeal and create a mood near your garden wall.

For example, you can use lantern-style lamps to add class, warm lights to create atmosphere and Christmas lights to achieve a dreamy effect. You can also use solar-powered and smart lights to save energy.

Garden Mirrors

Reflectors like mirrors bounce light and create an illusion of depth. So, they will make your garden brighter and seemingly bigger, respectively. Therefore, this garden wall decoration idea is perfect for dark or small gardens. Just don’t put the mirror in direct sunlight. It could start a fire.

You don’t need any special mirror to try out this idea. Any mirror will do. However, don’t forget that you are dealing with an outdoor space. Get something durable. You should also choose a mirror with a decorative frame. After all, the point is to add visual appeal to the garden wall.  

Reclaimed Wood Art

Whoever says recycling is not cool hasn’t seen a good piece of reclaimed wood art. Such a person is also not up to date on modern trends. Reclaimed wood art is now very popular, and this is not just because people are trying to do better for the environment. It’s also because of the visual appeal.

There are lots of striking and incredible designs out there. Plus, the character of the material itself already gets the ball rolling. Each piece of reclaimed wood art is a genuinely irreplaceable work of art. This garden wall decoration idea could be the perfect accessory for that bland garden wall.

Vertical Garden (Living Wall)

A living wall is the ultimate way to blur the line between soft and hard landscaping. In a way, it is the big brother of another garden wall decoration idea that we have already discussed. In fact, people often refer to a wall with mounted planters as a living wall. However, a true living wall is something much different.

With a living wall, the growing medium is inside the wall instead of in an attached accessory like planters. To make this possible, you need a substrate and irrigation system inside the wall. You can also use sophisticated hydroponic panels to feed the plants with nutrients and water. As for the plant choice, go with low-maintenance, hardy and compact plants.

Outdoor Wall Clocks

Walk clocks have always been a popular way to decorate walls. So, let’s talk about how to use them for garden walls and other outdoor spaces. First of all, you need a dedicated outdoor clock. They are designed to withstand the weather. Any other clock won’t last long outdoors.

After settling the issue of durability, you also need to consider visual appeal. Aesthetics is more important than functionality in this case. 

Mosaic Art Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for floors and bathroom walls. You can also use them for garden walls. As a result, you will have a cool (temperature-wise) and easy-to-clean wall that is also visually appealing. Since this article is about garden wall decoration ideas, let’s focus on the visual appeal aspect.

Mosaic art tiles are colourful, stylish and dramatic. They also come in various interesting designs and price tags. This is the kind of garden wall decoration idea you want as a focal point or background for a seating area. The temperature benefit, especially, makes mosaic tiles great for seating areas. You can even save some money by doing the installation yourself.

Wrought Iron Wall Décor

We have talked about metal wall art. So, you already know that iron is a good material for outdoor décor. Wrought iron offers the same benefits, such as limitless design options and versatility. In fact, you can even use it as a standalone garden screen.

Consider weight when hanging wrought iron pieces on a garden wall. You don’t want to bring down or damage the wall. You should also mount the piece in a sturdy and secure way.

Climbing Plants and Trellis

Here is another variation of the living wall, making it our article’s third garden wall decoration idea of this kind. We included this many for a good reason. These ideas are the best ways to make any wall feel like a part of a garden. They also turn walls into growing spaces, thus maximising garden space.

Trellises are versatile. You can use them standalone or attached to the wall. You can even use them for height extension or as alternatives to solid walls. It all depends on what you want. Make your decision, install the trellis, and get ready to train creeping plants to grow on it. Such plants included Japanese wisteria, downy clematis, English ivy, sweat pea, climbing rose, evergreen clematis and bougainvillaea.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

There are several reasons to install a water fountain in your garden. Aesthetic appeal is one.  Grand classic water fountains are amazing, but compact modern ones are no slouch. The attraction of beneficial wildlife is another. This will improve the pollination rate and ecosystem of your garden.

How many more reasons do you need? Water fountains are cool and classy. It will also bring a sense of tranquillity to your garden. So, install it near your seating area to get the most out of this effect.

Tips for Choosing the Right Garden Wall Decoration

Here are four tips to help you choose the right garden wall decoration idea.

Durability of the Material

This should be in the top 3 qualities you look for in a garden wall decoration idea. You need something that can withstand the pressure of the British weather. Anything else will waste your money and time.

The Style of Your Garden

Every element in your garden should provide aesthetic value and complement the others. It will make your garden feel classy and harmonious. Therefore, you need a garden wall decoration that will fit in with the style of your garden. It’s not enough for the decoration to look good alone. It must pair well with the others.

The Size of the space

Decorations that are too big will make the space feel crowded. They can also become a hazard. So, think about available space before choosing a garden decoration idea.


Low-maintenance decorations are easier to deal with. The point of decorating a garden wall is to add an extra layer of natural appeal, not create a new problem for yourself. So, stay away from high-maintenance garden wall decoration ideas or at least be prepared for what you are getting into.


Creativity is the most important currency of garden wall decorations, not money. So, you don’t need a lot of cash to decorate your garden wall. Just let your imagination take control. However, you must consider the impact the garden wall decoration idea will have on the health and structural integrity of the wall. You don’t want to compromise a wall, especially if it’s shared. 

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