How much does a new fence installation cost? Get Quotes Here

How much does a new fence installation cost?

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How much does a new fence installation cost?

Fencing is one of the possible options for a garden perimeter, there are others but fencing offers some clear advantages to the alternatives. Fencing is usually charged at a per meter price unless you are buying panel fencing when each panel will have a different price depending on its style and design.

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Fence costs by type of fence

Most people opt for 6ft high fence panels, concrete posts as these don’t rot and gravel boards which go along the bottom. Here are some typical fence panel styles with a per panel guide price:-

The cost of the fencing will depend on the length of the run so how many panels you need and don’t forget to add on the costs of the posts - anywhere from £20-£30 per post - and gravel boards which cost around £20 for each section length. The average cost of hiring someone to supply and install garden fencing is around £700-£1,000 for eight fence panels with each panel measuring two metres in length.

What are the factors which affect the cost of timber fencing?

There are three main factors which can impact on the cost and there are:-

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