10 Garden Fence Colour Ideas to Level Up Your Garden

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When it comes to the aesthetics of garden fences, paints and colours are the best way to get the most value for money. Good garden fence colour ideas don’t just make your garden fence look a dozen times better. They make your entire property look better.

Therefore, we want to share some of our favourite garden fence paint ideas with you. These ideas will give a new life to that old fence with aged, flaking paintwork. They can also take that new garden fence from “okay” to “WOAH”. 

Here is the game plan. First, we will discuss ten easy, trendy, exciting and creative garden fence colour ideas. Then we will show you tips for coming up with great fence colour ideas of your own. Finally, we will cover tips for painting a garden fence yourself.


This is arguably the most traditional and common of garden fence paint ideas. But nobody can deny the class, elegance and appeal of a white garden fence. It is simple, sleek, modern and classy. You can also try off-white colours like cream, ivory vanilla or eggshell white. No matter which shade of white you choose, this garden fence colour idea works.

It fits in perfectly with plants, furniture and other structures of all colours. So, you can design and decorate your garden without fear of colour clashes. Plus, white reflects a lot of light and makes spaces seem bigger. Above all, this garden colour idea won’t compete against your garden plants for attention.


Yellow is another versatile and bright colour that works well in gardens. Like white, it improves light levels and depth. It also pairs well with other colours. Plus, yellow is scientifically proven to improve mood. Therefore, this is one of the best garden fence paint ideas out there. Actually, it is one of the best garden painting ideas.


Pink could be the perfect garden fence colour idea for an edgy, quirky and brave garden owner. People rarely go with this colour. Therefore, your garden has a higher chance of standing out. Your garden will also enjoy all the benefits of the other bright colours, higher light levels, and depth. And you get to enjoy the mood-calming power of the colour pink.

Did we mention that this garden fence paint idea also plays well with other colours? It blends in well with green and darker colours especially. So, you have many options regarding the colour choices for plants, garden furniture and structures.


Blue is also great at reflecting light and creating depth. Therefore, this garden fence colour idea is perfect for a garden with low light levels and limited space. Actually, it could be perfect for any garden. Blue is one of those colours that do well around green foliage.


This garden fence colour idea is a great way to ensure your plants remain the stars of the show. Yet, a green garden fence is still eye-catching in its own way. It also eases the transition from soft landscape.

You can try light, dark, bright or mint green shades. For the best impact, prioritise the colours yellow, white, brown, red, black and blue in other garden elements (plants, furniture, patios etc.).


Now we are moving towards neutral and darker garden fence colour ideas. Grey garden fences are modern, classy and stylish. They create well-defined boundaries. Yet, they also ease the transitions from soft landscape and create depth. Above all, grey is a neutral colour that pairs well with others and doesn’t overshadow plants.

Therefore, this is one of the best and most versatile garden fence paint ideas out there. For the best effect, pair it with colours like coral, yellow, white, pink, and pale green. However, most bright colours will work. They contrast nicely with grey, which is more of a neutral colour.


Since we started this list with white garden fence paint ideas. It feels like we were working our way up to this moment. Whether that is the case or not, we are glad to introduce you to this garden fence colour idea.

A black garden fence is edgy, sleek, contemporary and unique. It creates a well-defined boundary and adds depth. Most importantly, it allows plants to take centre stage. The only issue is that black absorbs light rather than reflecting it. So, this garden fence colour idea is not ideal for locations with poor light levels.

Bi-tonal garden fence paint ideas

If you want something creative but monochromatic, this will knock your socks off. This garden fence paint idea is all about using two tones of a single colour, one lighter than the other. The resulting garden fence is creative yet simple and mature.

You can combine the colours in various ways. Horizontally and vertically. For the former, use darker tones at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. This is because dark tones are more stain-resistant and less attention-grabbing. Therefore, they don’t stain easily. They also don’t draw attention away from plants.

Bi-colour garden fence colour ideas

This garden fence colour idea is like the last one. Only this time, you get to experiment with hues, not tones. The trick is to choose colours that work together to create a theme, style, harmony or contrast. For example, you can combine blue and white for a nautical-inspired garden fence. Other bi-colour garden fence ideas include pink and blue, grey and green, aqua and grey, and green and yellow.

In fact, here is another similar garden fence colour idea. Use an array of colours on your garden fence. That many colours will create a striking and playful effect. Just make sure the colours pair well together.

Art mural

This garden fence paint idea is perfect for exploring your artistic side and making a statement. You don’t have to hire a pro. Paint the artwork yourself with your kids. Garden art murals don’t have to show incredible artistry to catch attention.

Tips for creating garden fence colour ideas

As promised, here are three tips for creating garden fence paint ideas. You can also use them when introducing colours to your garden or any space for that matter.

  • Light and neutral colours pair well with others and don’t draw attention away from the plants.
  • Bright colours are great for grabbing attention and reflecting light. They are also great for creating depth.
  • Dark colours are stain-resistant, easy to maintain and less attention-grabbing. 

Tips for painting a garden fence yourself

DIY painting is a great way to save money. However, what is the point if the paintwork is terrible and doesn’t last long? So, here are some tips that will help you to paint a garden fence properly. 

  • Use the right kind of paint: Use outdoor paint. They are designed to withstand the abuse from rain, sun, snow etc. You should also use paint that is recommended for your fencing material. 
  • Prepare the fence before painting: First, remove old and flaking paintwork. Then, repair cracks and damages on the fence material. Finally, ensure the fence’s surface is clean and dry.
  • Protect nearby plants: Do this by clearing or shielding them.
  • Paint on a dry, sunny day: This ensures the paintwork has enough time to dry.


These ten garden fence colour ideas are just the beginning. There are lots more out there to suit any budget and style. Just remember to choose a garden fence paint idea that will fit in with the aesthetics of your garden and entire property. 

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