Leylandii Removal Costs

leylandi removal costs

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Leylandii is a cypress tree commonly used as a hedge in residential and commercial premises. Leylandii grows well in even poorer soils than most other evergreen tree hedge options. Very few cypress trees can match the speed at which their height increases.

Unfortunately, the fast growth rate is often a downside as it’s difficult to control its height. Over time, the trees will create a greenery wall around your premises, thus blocking natural light. Also, the height makes it challenging for landscapers to prune unwanted or overgrown branches.

Luckily, there are professional landscaping companies that offer Leylandii removal services. They can help you eliminate the hedge and replace the Leylandii trees with an ideal alternative.

Average Cost of Leylandii Removal

The average cost of removing Leylandii hedge ranges between £500 and £1,000. However, the price may be higher if the number of trees to be cut is more than five. Be sure to inform the selected landscaping company of the number of Leylandii trees you want removed to get a comprehensive quote.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Leylandii Removal

Like other landscaping projects, several factors determine the total cost of Leylandii removal. They include:

·   The total number of Leylandii trees you want to be removed

·   The size and height of the trees. The taller the trees, the more specialised tools, and attention are required.

·   The size of stumps to be removed or ground out

·   Accessibility of the site

·   The proximity of the trees to amenities such as roads and power lines

·   Disposal of the trees as per the state or municipal regulations

·   Your location – the cost of Leylandii removal is high in areas such as South East and London

leylandi costs

Are There Any Hidden Leylandii Removal Costs?

Most reputable landscaping companies will carefully evaluate the current status of your Leylandii hedge and give you a comprehensive quote. In that case, there will be no additional or hidden costs charged. However, unprecedented occurrences such as bad weather conditions on the big day or trees falling on the adjacent road or buildings could make the removal more expensive.

The rule of thumb is to prepare for anything and everything to avoid financial turmoil. Ask the landscaping company whether they will foot the additional costs and the preventive measures they will take to cushion you from the additional costs.

Can I Save on the Cost of Leylandii Removal by doing it myself?

Yes, if you have the skills and equipment required to cut down the Leylandii trees and dispose of them as per the regulations. Otherwise, you are better off working with a professional who has experience and is licensed to offer Leylandii removal services in your area.

Here are additional tips on how to save money on Leylandii removal service today.

1. Ask Neighbours

The landscaping company will most likely give you a discount if you bring onboard a few neighbours who require the same service. Ask for a quote as a group instead of a different quote for every premise to get the best deal.

2. Be Flexible

Flexibility will not only significantly reduce Leylandii removal costs but also make it easier for the landscaping company to do the work. For example, be open to the idea of the work being done with little notice, as a filler project if another client cancels a similar job or when the landscaping team is in your area.

3. Reduce the Work Load

You can save money by reducing the amount of work the tree removal company does. For example, you can free up your schedule to clean up and dispose of the trees yourself. That way, you won’t be charged for disposal and cleanup once the trees are cut down.

4. Include Other Landscaping Tasks

Getting more work done will qualify you for a discount and save time that would have been spent calling and booking another appointment. You can also sign a monthly agreement with the company to establish a good rapport and keep your landscape neat.

5. Keep the Wood

Instead of disposing of the wood, you can split and store it for use during winter to warm up your home if you have a fireplace. You will save thousands of pounds that would have been spent on alternative home heating appliances.

6. Review the Payment Options

Look at the payment options available to identify one that charge low transaction fees. You can also ask the company for extended terms or flexible payment arrangements.


Every day, we receive hundreds of questions about Leylandii removal. Below are the four most common questions.

Do I Need Permission to Cut Down Leylandii

If the height of the trees is above your boundary or fence, it is prudent to consult your neighbours, as some of the debris may fall on their property. Also, you only need a permit from the council if you reside in a conservation area.

Are Leylandii Roots Deep?

Leylandii root system can run two to three metres deep. The depth provides the tree enough nutrients to support its rocket-speed growth.

Leylandii height can increase at an average rate of 35 inches per year. It can reach more than 100 feet and 20 feet wide if not trimmed.

What Kills Weeds the Quickest?

The strongest and quickest weed killer is Glyphosate.

Another excellent homemade option is a mixture of salt, liquid dish soap, and white vinegar. Vinegar and salt contain copious amounts of acetic acid that dry out the weeds.

You can also pour boiling water on growing weeds to curtail their growth. However, be careful not to pour the water on the nearby plants and flowers.

How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge Per Hour

Different tree surgeons charge varying rates. Ideally, the complexity of the task and level of experience determines the rate, but the average cost is £40 per hour. Compare the rates from different licensed tree surgeons in your area to find one that matches your budget.

Final Thoughts

Leylandii removal is a complex project that requires specialised skills and expertise. Don’t try to wing it all yourself to avert challenges and additional costs down the road. Hire a professional landscaping company best known for offering Leylandii tree removal services. Be sure to ask for a quote beforehand to budget accordingly and free up your schedule for the project, as you may have to be onsite as the trees are cut.

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