Garden Room Costs: What You Need to Know

Garden Room Costs: What You Need to Know

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Garden rooms have become very popular over the last few years. That fame will only increase as more people join the rave for glazed structures. It’s easy to see why. Garden rooms and other glazed buildings allow people to enjoy the outdoors regardless of weather conditions.

So, get ready for the same benefits and welcome to our attempt to help by providing the information you need to get the best garden room prices (UK). Here is the first and most important one- an average garden room costs between £3,000 and £40,000, depending on its size, building material and features.

However, there are lots of variables involved. So, some garden room prices will deviate from this estimate.  That’s why you need to read this article to the end. It will show you all there is to know about garden room costs and installation.

Why Invest in a Garden Room?

Here are two reasons to invest in a garden room.

Cost-efficient Additional Space

Garden rooms cost less than traditional extensions. Therefore, you are getting a cost-efficient additional living space. Besides, the resulting space is open and full of natural light, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors (your garden). Yet, it’s still considerably private, unlike conservatories. So, garden rooms are not just cost-efficient. They are the perfect choice for many garden lovers.

Property Value

Like all outbuildings, a garden room will increase the value of a property. It will add an equivalent of 1.5 times its costs. In other words, if a garden room costs £6,000, the value of your property will increase by about £9,000.

Why Invest in a Garden Room?

Understanding Basic Garden Room Costs

Garden Room Specification  Garden Room Cost
Basic/low-spec£3,000 – £7,000
Medium-spec£6,000 – £10,000
High-spec£15,000 – £40,000

Pre-fabricated vs Custom-built

Garden room companies usually have prefabricated units. So, you can just choose one. Then, have it delivered and installed. These units will come in different ranges of features and prices. That’s why we created the three garden room price ranges in the table above.

Every prefabricated and custom-built garden room will fit into the categories on that table. Low-spec garden rooms are cheaper than the others, while high-spec ones will be the most expensive and sophisticated. However, even the most basic/low-spec prefabricated garden rooms will have the following.

  • An insulated body
  • A roof
  • Doors and windows
  • A base
  • Heating and
  • Internal wiring

Higher-spec units will have more features. They may also include multiple options for certain features. For example, you might have the option to choose between different building materials, heating systems or door types. 

This is how specification (aka the amount of features included) determines garden room costs. Size also plays a huge role. In simple terms, bigger garden rooms cost more.

Aside from those prefabricated units, you can also order a custom-built garden room. This is the best option for people with specific needs. For example, the average prefabricated garden room doesn’t have inbuilt seats and shelves. So, if you want those two features, you need a custom build.

That is just one example. Those specific needs can be anything. It could be the number of rooms, size, building material, flooring type, etc. Whatever the need, you can hire a garden room company to build a bespoke unit that will satisfy it. It’s only going to cost money. More often than not, bespoke garden rooms cost more. 

To satisfy your curiosity, here are some optional specifications of garden rooms. 

  • The body: Options for building material included uPVC, metal, wood or composite. You can ask them to pad, plaster, clad or use another finish of choice on the interior or exterior. As for the glazing, you should always choose high-performance Low-E glass.
  • Doors: Options included French, sliding, patio or bi-folding doors.
  • Roofing: Roof types include flat, lantern, solid or glazed roofing. There are also various building materials to choose from.
  • Flooring: Options include decking, skirting boards, laminate flooring, tiles, etc.
  • Foundation: This can be concrete, wooden or metal.
  • Lighting and wiring: Examples include roof lights, exterior lights, socket types, etc.
  • Heating system: Options include panel heaters, radiators and underfloor heating.

The entire unit must be insulated, including the windows, roof and doors. Insulation and heating will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your garden room throughout the year. Of course, both of these will also affect garden room costs.

Whether you choose a prefabricated or custom-built garden room, you might have to pay separate fees for delivery and installation. Only some garden room companies include the charges for these two, along with the cost of the body.

Some include delivery fees only or offer free delivery within a designated area. Even fewer add installation fees to their original charge. Still, anything is possible. So, get a written quote.

Garden Room: Pre-fabricated vs Custom-built

Additional Garden Room Costs to Consider

Permits and Legal Requirements

Garden rooms are subject to the rules of permitted development. So, your garden room must meet specific regulations. If not, you will need to get planning permission. You will also need permits if the property is listed or in a conservation area. Either way, this will cost money, thus increasing garden room costs.

Utility Connections

The above garden room prices don’t include plumbing and electrical connections. Your garden room installer may not even offer those services. Therefore, you might have to hire other professionals. This could add an extra £250 to £1,000 to garden room costs. 

Furnishings and Décor

Furniture choice will depend on your plans for the garden room. Determine what you want the garden room to be. Is it a gym, office or playroom? Your garden room can be anything. They are that versatile. Make the decision and get the appropriate furniture. Furniture and decoration could add between £200 and £2,000 to garden room costs.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

DIY installation is a great way to save money. You can even go a step further by building the garden room yourself. However, these will only work if you have enough time, gear and experience.

That’s why we always make the case for hiring professionals. They take all the pressure and responsibility off your hands. Your mind can be at peace because the people doing the job have the right gear, experience and skill set. 

We have already added the cost of professional installation to the garden room prices above. Now, you just have to find the right person for the job. Consider using the company that’s selling the garden room to you. They will understand their product better and may offer discounts. This is only one of many options. Just try to find a reputable installer.

Garden Room: DIY vs. Professional Installation

Financing Your Garden Room

Here are two ways to finance the installation of a garden room.


This is one of those investments worthy of loans and home equity lines. Remember that the value of your property will increase by 1.5 times the cost of the garden room. So, you are making a good investment. You will reap the reward when you put the house up for sale.

Deals By Installers and Manufacturers

Garden room companies often have discounts and cost-spreading deals that you can use to your advantage. Just make sure you are taking a good deal.


Depending on the specification, garden rooms cost around £3,000 to £40,000. So, you will notice that most garden room companies offer prefabricated units of different price ranges and specifications.

These prefabs are designed to meet various needs. So, you will find one suitable for the garden room you want. However, a bespoke garden room might be your best choice if you have specific needs. 

Just ensure that you make the best choice and deal with trustworthy professionals. This second part is crucial. Reputable and qualified professionals will make it easier to get a garden room that meets your needs and is also cost-effective and good for the market value of your property.

So, do some research before choosing a garden room manufacturer, seller or installer. Check out their offers, reputation and experience.

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