Cost Of Garden Decking

Cost Of Garden Decking

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Whether you’re considering a deck, fence, or expansion, hidden expenses can put a damper on your plans. By doing your homework and planning early, you may reduce the likelihood that your Decking Project will have any unexpectedly high costs.

This article will explain how much it costs per square metre for Decking Boards, how much it might cost to have them installed, and what else you need to know before getting started.

You can hire a professional or do it yourself when it comes to installing most Decking. Below is the detailed information you require!

Average Cost of Garden Decking

It’s impossible to give an accurate estimate for the price of decking without considering a number of factors, such as the size of your garden, the type of materials you choose, your location, and more. Your budget will determine how much you spend on decking, although the low end of the spectrum for a modest deck runs around £1,100.

For 15 square metres of softwood decking, you should expect to pay between £800 to £1200 for installation. Composite decking and hardwood decking will increase the price by around £1400 to £2200.

The cost per metre for softwood decking, excluding installation, should be around £3 to £6. 

Hardwood decking can cost anywhere from £4 to £10, while composite wood decking will run you anywhere from £8 to £12, and uPVC decking can set you back anywhere from £5 to £10.

Decking costs should not be equated with the cost per square metre of the patio.

The average cost of decking wood of medium quality to cover an area of 20 square metres is between £400 and £550. The price tag would rise to between £700 and £900 for a 40-square-meter space.

Garden Decking

Factors Affecting the Cost of Garden Decking

There are several factors to consider when calculating how much it will cost to have a garden deck built.

1. Current Condition

The first thing you need to do is examine the state of your terrain and figure out whether or not it is flat. The price will be significantly affected by undulating or tough terrain, so this is an important consideration.

2. Garden Size

Your garden’s size will also significantly impact the final cost because a bigger garden requires more resources to complete. Decking larger areas will also require considerably more time to install, resulting in greater labour costs, given that experienced installers typically charge an average of 33 pounds per square metre.

3. Decking Material

The decking material you choose can also significantly impact the total cost since certain decking materials can be significantly more costly than others. Timber decking is the most cost-effective option, with an average installation cost between £1,500 and £2,000, making it a good choice for those on a tight budget.

Composite decking, which can cost up to £10,000 for larger gardens, maybe a better long-term investment, but it is more expensive. This may appear pricey, but it has a 30-year lifespan, so it’s money well spent.

4. Special Design Features

Figure out what you’ll do on your deck. You can then deduce what functionality is missing and needs to be added. Put in a hot tub and some lounge furniture on your deck to make a soothing outdoor retreat. Since many homeowners like to throw barbecue parties, decks are often outfitted with grills and dining areas. Before beginning the design process for your deck, you should settle on your goals.

5. Replacements

Consider the expense of replacement decking if you already have any in your garden. A partial deck replacement may only cost you around £300, but a complete deck replacement may set you back £4,000.

6. Permits

See if your deck will require any special permits from the local authorities. Remember that your deck builder may offer to submit applications for permits on your behalf for a price.

Are there any Hidden Garden Decking Costs?

If you choose reliable experts, they will ensure you understand everything upfront and that there are no surprises. However, there are a number of variables that can influence the final price of your garden deck. Among them are:

  • Estimated cost of labour to perform an installation by hand
  • Total cost of Decking Boards, Fixtures, and Frame
  • When it comes to installation prices, living in or around London can add up to a 20% premium.
  • On which you should have liked to have laid your decking. The price of decking can go up if the earth needs to be levelled, which is more effort in a garden with an uneven surface.
  • What kind of base do you want, a concert or a Weed Mat?
  • Do you require a high frame or a permit for your deck’s height?

Can I Save on the Garden Decking Cost by Doing it Myself?

DIYing it will definitely help you save money. Decking, however, is a task that cannot be completed successfully by a single individual working alone; therefore, it is strongly recommended that every decking project involves the assistance of at least one handy friend.

Everyone working on the construction project should wear protective clothing and equipment, such as goggles, and you should have everything you need to complete the project without incident.

To ensure that your decking is installed correctly, you must adhere to a comprehensive set of ground decking guidelines. That’s why, in many cases, it’s preferable to hire experts. In other words, it’s money well spent.


Is garden decking a good idea?

Decking is a promising piece for a garden since it is versatile, low-maintenance, and comes in a wide variety of colours, styles, and more to suit your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your garden. This is the best possible solution if your garden is sloping or has uneven ground. It works well to level off slanted lawns and other areas. Definitely, one of the best bets you can make.

Is paving cheaper than decking?

It’s common knowledge that paving is more affordable than decking. The price of paving can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, according to the materials you select and whether or not you plan to do the job yourself. In comparison to high-quality premium decking, low-cost patio paving slabs may chip, crack, and fade sooner, necessitating more maintenance.

Can I build a deck directly on the ground?

It is possible to construct a deck on the ground, but only under specific circumstances. The foundation of a ground-level deck must be modified to accommodate its low profile. There are a number of advantages to having a low deck, including the fact that, depending on its height, you might not even need stairs or railings.

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