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Beautiful Garden Fencing Ideas

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When it comes to garden fences, your imagination is the only real limitation. There is a garden fence idea to provide every feature at a modest budget, be it privacy, security, aesthetic value, or utility. So, imagination is more important than budget. That’s why we compiled this list of garden fencing ideas to help you find the right fence for your garden. 

However, to make the most of this article or any resource on garden fencing, you must figure out what you want or need in a garden fence. This will put you in an excellent position to choose garden fence ideas that best meet your needs. 

For example, for total privacy and security, solid garden fence ideas like wooden panels or hedges are perfect. However, to prevent a garden or garden zone from feeling boxed in, breathable garden fence ideas like pickets and lattices are better fits.

Picket garden fence

This garden fence idea is timelessly elegant, affordable and easy to install. So you can even save more money by installing a fence yourself. 

Obviously, a picket fence doesn’t offer the highest level of privacy and security. However, it’s the perfect patio or small garden fence idea. You won’t have to worry about obstructed views, excessive shade, restricted air flows, or a boxed-in garden.

Plus, you can add more aesthetic value through the design and colours of the pickets. They don’t have to be plain white panels. Try other designs and colours. You can even use multiple designs and colours within the same garden fence.

Wooden garden fence

Who said there was something wrong with a simple wooden garden fence? Wooden fence ideas are a cliche because they are cost-effective, secure, stylish, versatile, durable, and elegant. Plus, wood blends fit right in inside a garden. 

In fact, who said a wooden garden fence has to be traditional and boring? We could write an entire book on wooden fencing ideas alone. They are that versatile. You can create several garden fencing ideas by changing the colours, tones, shape, height, type, orientation (horizontal or vertical) and spacing of the wood panels. 

You can even use more than one of these new wooden fence ideas in a single garden fence. For example, you can paint a section white and another red or install the panels horizontally in one section and vertically in another.

Just try to use durable materials like hardwood or pressure-treated wood. Then ensure that the wood won’t bring harmful chemicals into your garden. Those chemicals can endanger you, your kids, pets, plants and the entire ecosystem of your garden.

Garden Fencing Wood

Lattice garden fence

If you are still interested in wooden fence ideas but don’t want a solid fence, a lattice fence may be the answer. It’s breathable, so there is no obstruction of view, sunlight and airflow. Therefore, a lattice is one of the best small garden fence ideas. You can also use it to zone a garden area, like a patio.

A lattice fence is easier to install and more affordable than a traditional wooden fence. Just get the lattices of your desired colours, sizes and designs. Then install the fence poles and use fittings to attach the lattices. 

Finally, a lattice fence provides decent security and privacy. However, you can improve these two features by adding climbing plants. They will enhance aesthetics too. So consider training tomatoes, peas, climbing roses, red jasmine, potato vines etc., to grow on the lattice.

Willow garden fence

This is technically a woven fence. However, let us discuss it separately because willow fencing is unique and amazing. It brings the aesthetics of a farmstead to your garden. Plus, willow is an environmentally friendly material. That counts as extra points.

The only issue is durability and strength. This is far from the strongest garden fencing idea on this list. It is also not the most durable. At best, a willow fence will last for a decade. 

So, look elsewhere if you only care about strength and security. However, this is a great small garden fencing idea. You can also use it to cover an existing garden fence. This way, both fences will make up for each other’s weaknesses.

Woven garden fence

If you like the idea of a woven fence but want more security and durability, try these garden fencing ideas. Try woven fences with strong materials like twigs, wooden panels, bamboo or metal. The stronger the material, the stronger and more durable the fence. Whatever the material, the result is a unique fence with fantastic texture and visual appeal.

Bamboo garden fence

If a bamboo fence sounds interesting, try this. Buy some bamboo sticks, and cut them to a desired size. Then, fit them vertically or horizontally to create your garden fence. You can drive each bamboo stick into the ground or fix them to fence posts and bars. You will need ropes, wires, nails, or screws for fittings. You can even grow bamboo along the perimeter of your garden to create a living fence. However, that is a conversation for another day.

Bamboo is light, versatile and easy to work with. So, consider building the bamboo fence yourself to save money. Whether you hire a pro or go DIY, you will gain a secure, private, and durable garden fence with tropical aesthetics.

Bamboo Fence Wall

Twig garden fence

Hands down, this is one of the easiest and cheapest garden fence ideas you will ever encounter. The materials are free, and you can do the installation yourself. Even if you buy the twigs, this garden fencing idea is still relatively cost-effective. Yet, it is also one of the best ways to get a great-looking garden fence. That’s if you appreciate a rustic, old-timey look. 

To build a twig garden fence, gather enough twigs or driftwood and fit them together with fence posts. If you can’t find enough twigs, just increase the spacing. However, don’t forget that this means the resulting garden fence won’t be as secure or private.

Wrought iron railing fencing

This garden fence idea is easily one of the most expensive. However, once you shell out the initial installation costs, you have a secure, durable, low-maintenance garden fence. A wrought iron fence has a unique appeal present only in other metal fences like steel or aluminium. You just need to find fence designs and colours that work for you. 

Mesh fencing

Mesh has always been the go-to material for many a fence. You will see it in parks, schools, football fields and prisons. It is a versatile, durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance material. Most of the versatility is in the design and thickness. Mesh comes in varying degrees of thickness, which means varying degrees of strength and costs. 

However, do have it in mind that a mesh fence will not provide total privacy. It is a see-through material. Depending on your fencing needs, this may be a con or a pro. Finally, a mesh fence is easy to install. So you can save money by taking on the job yourself. To install it, just fit the mesh to fence posts along your garden’s perimeter.

Mesh Fence Garden

Pallet garden fence

Try this creative garden fence idea if you or a friend has a pile of old pallets lying around. The result is stylish and cost-efficient. It is also good for the environment to recycle materials that will end up in landfills. 

Gather those pallets and then stack them horizontally and/or vertically to build a fence. Then sand, stain and paint to finish. However, the weathered look of old pallets could also lead to interesting results. Just know that staining and painting can improve the lifespan of your newly-built, old pallet garden fence.   

Old shutters

In the spirit of recycled materials, here is another creative garden fence idea. The principle is the same. Collect old shutters instead of throwing them away. Then stack them to create your desired garden fence design using those shutters, fence posts and fittings. Like the pallet fence, you can also keep the weathered look or decide to stain and paint this shutter fence.

Hedge fencing

Let’s end this list with two naturalistic garden fence ideas. The first one, hedges, have always been a mainstay among garden fencing ideas in the UK. So, I hope you aren’t surprised that we have included it. 

There are lots of pros. Hedges create an all-natural garden that ensures security and privacy while providing bird nesting. The birds will improve your garden’s ecosystem and help with pollination. There are cons too. Hedges take up growing space. You must also learn the process and legalities of growing, trimming, and pruning them. 

Once you have decided, consider calling your gardener or reading relevant articles to learn more about hedge fencing ideas. Here is the rundown. There are varieties of hedge types, shapes and colours at your disposal.

Hedge Garden Fencing

Living wall

There are two ways to execute this garden fence idea. Firstly, you can grow climbing plants and train them to grow up your garden fence. Secondly, you can hang growers on the garden fence. You can even build the growers inside the fence. Either way, the aesthetic is fantastic. You can even use this garden fence idea to improve the aesthetics of any garden fence. 

Unlike hedge fencing, a living wall doesn’t take up growing space. However, it could damage the fencing material in the long run.  

Garden fencing ideas to improve any garden fence, new or old

Here are three tips to get the most out of any garden fence idea. Consider them when installing a new garden fence or renovating an old one. 

Painting is the cheapest way to make any garden fence look great

This is an undeniable fact. Give the fence a new lick of paint, or add some murals and artwork. This is how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to visual appeal. You can also do any of these yourself, further reducing cost.

Just try to be intentional about the colours. Here are some tips. Bright colours like red will draw attention, dull colours like grey will allow your plants and the rest of your garden to stand out even more, while a green fence will blend.

Finally, do some repairs before painting an old garden fence. The resulting paintwork will be better and longer-lasting. All you need to do is fix cracks and holes and scrape off dirt, mould and old flaking paint.

Let your garden fence complement your garden space and surrounding structures

Keep the colours, designs, aesthetics, and tone of your garden and entire property in mind when choosing a garden fence. Let these different elements complement each other. The whole property will benefit from this.

Let your garden fence serve more than one function

A garden fence can be more than just a boundary. You can use it to maximise the space in your garden. Look for ways to add utility. For example, you can add wall-hung seats, planters, climbing plants, bird feeders and storage shelves. 


So there you have it. Thirteen incredible garden fence ideas that won’t burn a big hole in your pocket. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. We could have discussed at least a hundred more garden fencing ideas. However, this might just leave you with a lot of useless information. Instead, “figure out what you need or want in a garden fence” and then “experiment.” That’s the key to great garden fence ideas. 

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