20 Modern Garden Ideas On A Budget

Modern Garden Ideas

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You may have the lush green outdoor space you’ve always wanted. But without shelling out a fortune on expensive landscaping upgrades or difficult-to-reach plants. Wondering how? Simply, by using our modern garden ideas on a budget.

The beauty of experimenting with various garden designs is that some of the most eye-catching appearances may be made for next to nothing. There’s a lot you can do with a garden on a tight budget, from strategic planting to ingenious advice for starting from scratch.

It’s also possible to save money on landscaping upgrades by employing some simple colour tricks with decking paint and other do-it-yourself techniques. Draw motivation from these examples and initiate your own change. 

Garden plots and other low-cost enhancements can greatly improve many already appealing backyard design plans.

Let’s dive in!

Collect Cheerful Flowers in Tiny Pots

Growing plants in containers are one of the top modern garden ideas on a budget to spruce up outdoor spaces. Flowers are a great way to decorate for a minimal price and catch the eye of visitors. 

They really shine when viewed from within the house and placed in a compact area, such as a patio or terrace, or a courtyard without a lawn. Putting them on a stepladder or other piece of trash would make for a great, inexpensive garden ornament.

Grow Strawberries in Recycled Guttering

Instead of throwing away worn-out plastic guttering, reuse it as a low-cost planter for strawberries. You can stack lengths of guttering against a wall inside your home or garage. Not only will this create a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement, but it will also make harvesting the plants easier without having to stoop over the bed.

Use of Antique Jars for Miniature Planters

Instead of throwing away your old glass jam jars and containers, reuse them to create charming little planters for your favourite herbs or flowers. If you have any acrylic spray paint lying around, use that. 

If you don’t have anything like that, old tester pots of paint can be used instead. However, you may need to cover the jars with clear varnish to ensure a more durable finish and look.

Antique Garden Jar Deco

Artistic Impact on Paint

This is one of our favourite modern garden ideas on a budget. Painting an old fence gives it new life and creates a beautiful setting for lush vegetation and bright flowers. 

As for the hue you should pick, what’s your take? Go all-black for an impactful appearance.

Try Vertical Planting

Screen off your garden in style by growing plants vertically. Plants that may be easily installed to create seclusion, screening, and security include trees, bigger shrubs, climbers, and hedges that are mounted to walls.

Construct a Container with a Drainage System

Alternatively, you may build a hanging basket out of a metal colander by affixing four pieces of chain to it and using it as a planter. A colander is ideal because it prevents waterlogging of plant roots because of its pre-drilled drainage holes. Fill it in with a colourful array of blooming and trailing plants.

Make Your Own Terracotta Candleholders

Making scented candle holders to place around a patio is a great modern garden ideas on a budget. It is a modern way to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from becoming a nuisance on warm summer days spent outside.

Simply fill some clay containers with sand and place three scented candles in each. Use three regular-sized dinner candles or seven or more skinny tapers for a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement than an even number of candles would.

Grow Sprout from a Seed

Planting seeds is one of the most modern garden ideas on a budget for a flourishing garden. It’s important to inspect the seed packet’s size before purchasing, as some include more seed than the average gardener could sow in a year, whether you’re planting flowers or vegetables.

Create Your Own Backyard Theatre

Make a home theatre in the backyard with things you already have. Quickly and easily set the mood for a night in front of the movie using just a white sheet, some pegs, and some thread. Simply invest in a projector at that point.

Try to Add a DIY Pond Feature

A pond is another low-cost solution to improve your garden look with modern garden ideas on a budget. You may easily create a pond by gathering rocks and pebbles, digging a hole in the garden, lining the bottom with a pond liner, and then covering the hole with rocks and pebbles. Then you may fill it with water to make a pond.

Add Plants with Staked Lights

To create an instant eye-catching effect, purchase stake lights and arrange them strategically amid bushes, on the grass, or in window boxes. These are quite reasonably priced and will make even the smallest garden look more put together.

Flower Hanging Planter Made From Recycled Materials

Want to spruce up your outdoor eating area on a dime without sacrificing quality? Make a simple and inexpensive hanging centrepiece to put in the middle of the table. This can be another modern garden ideas on a budget to try out. 

Change Your Space with Lights

Creating a pleasant atmosphere is of paramount importance. There is a wide variety of types available for outdoor lighting, making it an easy and inexpensive method to add a beautiful glow to a patio and beyond. String lights and lanterns run on batteries, but solar-powered options are also available for the garden.

Plant With Lights

Let The Birds In

Placing a bird feeder, bird bath, or even a birdhouse in your small garden is a great way to attract beautiful wildlife around. If you can attract more birds to your yard, you’ll have more opportunities to relax to the soothing melody of nature’s music. 

Many studies by experts have clearly shown that bird sounds can assist reduce tension, weariness, and anxiety.

Hanging Flower Pots

Trying to add some quick vibrancy to your garden? Put some plants in hanging baskets for a simple and cheap solution. You can grow flowers like fuchsias, verbena, and petunias, or you can grow veggies like tomatoes.

Upcycled Planters Made from Antique Pieces of Furniture

Upcycling is one of the most inexpensive modern garden ideas on a budget. Old and rotting household furniture can be brought to life in the garden. Pallets may be used to create planting tables, furniture, and so much more, while old sinks and dressing tables can be repurposed into unique planters.

Piece of Furniture In Garden

Put Up a Cute Garden Sign to Point the Way

If you are a fan of vintage-style signposts, this budget-friendly idea can be simple to create. All you need to have is salvaged timber, and it will make a fantastic addition to your next garden party.

Not only this but also as a fun way to simply spruce up your plot. This can also be a great method to recycle scrap wood into something useful, such as a garden pallet concept.

The primary component, a long, solid plank of wood, will serve as the support pillar. Create the arrow pointers by sawing off the ends of smaller pieces of wood with a jigsaw or hand saw. Pick your phrases, and then use garden paint that will hold up in the elements to paint them onto each arrow.

Build a Stunning Garden Showcase Wall

Set up a plant and garden ornament display to liven up your outside terrace or patio. Create a weatherproof finish by treating simple wooden shelves and brackets with wood preserver or colourful garden paint.

You can either install one long, narrow shelf along the length of the wall, or a series of shorter, more irregular shelves at varying heights. Choose a variety of planters, lanterns, and foliage for outdoor display, and arrange them in clusters of varying sizes and heights along the shelves.

Use Wine Corks as Labels 

Whenever you and your pals share a bottle of wine, keep the cork to use as a vegetable tag in the future. Remove a flat area by slicing off about a fifth of the cork, then label each container with its respective vegetables with a permanent pen. 

Plant your vegetables with a little help from a cork: just stick a wooden skewer into the bottom of the cork to give your tag some height. Then insert the skewer into the ground to serve as a reminder.

Construct a Flower Pot with a Pallet

Get creative with some old pallets and make a planter that also functions as a screen (and a bit of DIY knowledge). If you want to add some colour to your garden or ‘raise your own’ herbs. If you want some privacy from nosy neighbours, you can use a planter to grow some taller plants and create a natural screen. 

Make Your Garden Appealing without Money

Plants are always your go-to reply. It is possible to acquire plants for your garden without spending any money at all. Simply ask your neighbours for cuttings and/or seeds, and you will be astonished by how helpful people can be.

Plants aren’t the only things that look fantastic in a garden made from recycled materials. Many discarded items, including pallets, fruit crates, and even bathtubs, can be repurposed into attractive planters or raised bed concepts.

We hope you enjoyed the above modern garden ideas on a budget. Try them out and share your experience with us below!

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