How Much Does Grass Cutting Cost?

How Much Does Grass Cutting Cost?

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The average cost of grass cutting is £25 to £40 per hour or £20 to £30 per square metre. However, these are just estimates. The price could change once you consider lawn size, condition and location, among other factors. Therefore, the only way to find accurate lawn mowing prices is to get a quote from someone who provides this service. 

However, it doesn’t hurt to prepare yourself for that encounter. That’s why you should read the rest of this article. It will cover everything there is to know about the hiring and cost of grass cutting services. We will even discuss the cost of other garden and lawn treatment services

The Costs of Grass Cutting Services

Price of Grass cuttingLowHigh
Per hour£25£40
Per 100 square metre£20£30

Some grass cutting services charge per hour while others charge per square metre. Some offer both of these pricing systems. So, there will be options. It’s up to you to choose the right one.

It takes just 20 to 30 minutes to mow a lawn of 100 square metres. Therefore, hourly pricing is the cheaper option on paper. However, this could change quickly depending on the condition of the lawn. 

For example, a neglected lawn will take longer to mow. Therefore, it will cost more to mow. Besides, hourly pricing could encourage unethical professionals to increase lawn mowing prices by wasting time.

Thus, the “per square metre” pricing system is more efficient. The gardener(s) doesn’t have to worry about the timeframe. They can simply focus on the job.

Regardless of everything else, get a clear description of what the service covers. Ask about weed removal and handling of the clippings. Ask if the gardener will help with waste removal and if they can use the clippings as mulch and manure. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Grass Cutting.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Grass Cutting

Here are the five factors that determine lawn mowing prices.

Lawn Size

Lawn size is the most critical factor influencing the price of grass cutting. All things being equal, it will cost more money to mow a larger lawn. That’s just the way life works.

You can even use this knowledge to calculate grass cutting costs. Simply multiply the dimensions of your lawn (in square metres) by the cost of cutting one square metre of grass (£20 to £30). For example, if you have a lawn of 200 square metres, the project will cost £40 to £60. 

Lawn Condition

A healthy, well-kept lawn will be relatively easy to mow. A neglected and overgrown one is the exact opposite. It will be harder to mow. The person you hire (usually a gardener) will have to spend more time removing weeds. The gardener may also have to strim the grass first. Strimming alone adds an extra £15 to £100 to the cost of grass cutting.

Gardeners face a heavier workload when dealing with a neglected lawn. They may even need to include other lawn treatment types like aeration, overseeding and fertilisation. All of these will only make the project more expensive. We will cover some of these secondary jobs in the section on the “additional costs of grass cutting”. 

Location and Accessibility

Big cities and Southern UK have higher living standards and population density. So, they usually have more expensive goods and services. Therefore, expect the price of grass cutting to be higher in such places. That explains the matter of location. Let’s move on to accessibility.

Accessibility is also easy to understand. Expect higher lawn mowing prices if the gardener has to come from afar or face challenges while moving gear and doing the job.

Pricing Differences between Individual Grass Cutting Services

This happens in every industry. So, don’t be surprised to see it among gardeners. Expect the price of grass cutting to vary between service providers. The most significant difference will be between companies and one-person businesses.

Companies will almost always charge higher. However, they will also almost always offer a better range of services, guarantees and insurance coverage. Companies are also better equipped and staffed, making them the better option for big projects.

That’s why commercial properties and stadiums that require extensive and complex grass cutting prefer companies over one-person businesses. It is also why grass cutting companies charge higher prices for grass cutting.  

Frequency of Service

You need to mow and care for your lawn for at least eight months every year. In some months, you must cut your grass once or twice a week. Therefore, you need grass cutting services recurrently. Grass cutting companies know this. So, they offer long-term plans with discounted rates.

The cost of grass cutting will be lower (in the long run) if you subscribe to these discounted recurrent plans. Using this logic, you can sign up for bundled lawn treatment plans instead of grass cutting alone.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Grass Cutting.

The Additional Costs of Grass Cutting

These are just a few lawn and garden maintenance jobs you can include as secondary aspects of a grass cutting project. However, don’t just include any of these for the sake of it. Let your gardener inspect your lawn and entire garden and then make recommendations. 

TaskAverage Cost
Lawn aeration£30-£80
Lawn fertilisation£20-£30
Garden clearance£150-£200
Tree and hedge pruning£100-£500

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the process of loosening up the soil to allow roots to have easier access to nutrition, water and air.


This fixes bald patches and makes a lawn fuller by spreading seeds to encourage new sprouts.

Lawn Fertilisation

This improves soil fertility by using synthetic or natural fertilisers. Let the gardener conduct some tests and make recommendations. 

Garden Clearance

This involves the removal of both organic and inorganic waste from a garden. Do this once in a while to prevent waste from accumulating and ruining the aesthetics of your garden

Tree and Hedge Pruning

Pruning removes dead, diseased, damaged and undesirable branches. The goal is to control the tree’s size and make it more productive. Pruning is excellent for improving aesthetics and producing flowers, foliage and fruits.

The Additional Costs of Grass Cutting.

Why use Professional Grass Cutting Services?

Grass cutting and general lawn maintenance are time-consuming and physically demanding responsibilities. That’s why some people prefer artificial grass. It’s also why many people choose to outsource lawn maintenance tasks. Hiring professional grass cutting services saves you time and energy. This way, you can focus on other tasks.

Even if you have the time and energy to mow your lawn, there are still benefits to hiring professionals. Professional grass cutting services have better equipment, skill sets and experience. Therefore, there is every chance that they will do a better job.

You can even ask them to finish your lawn with intricate designs and patterns, like the ones on speciality lawns on sports fields. However, this kind of service will cost more than regular lawn mowing prices.

Professional grass cutting services can also help with other tasks that will make your lawn healthier, fuller and better looking. We covered some of these other tasks in the section on the “additional costs of grass cutting”.

These secondary tasks will increase your budget, but your lawn will be better off. Your gardener can even develop a custom plan to care for and maintain your lawn. These customised plans are the best way to care for your lawn year-round.

Professional Grass Cutting Services.

DIY Grass Cutting is Still an Option

A lawn mower costs around £200 to £400. You will also need a rake (£10 to £30) or leaf blower (£100 to £200) to collect the clippings. Then, you might need a strimmer (£30 to £200). Waste disposal cost is also a possibility. It usually costs around £45 to £200. Finally, protective clothing is recommended.

At some point, you will have to create a lawn mowing schedule. This will ensure that you are cutting your lawn at the right time. The schedule doesn’t have to be a fully detailed battle plan. You just need something to remind you how many times you must cut your grass each month. Create this schedule even if you intend to pay for professional grass cutting.


Grass cutting costs £25 to £40 per hour or £20 to £30 per square metre. So, a single visit could cost between £30 and £400. We used £30 as the bottom line because grass cutting services often have a minimum call-out fee.

However, these lawn mowing prices are just estimates. So expect variations because of differences in lawn size, condition and location, service frequency and service providers. In fact, don’t expect exact figures until a gardener inspects your lawn and provides a quote.

Don’t forget to ask the professionals about other treatments that your lawn needs. They likely offer those other treatments, too. So, use this opportunity to give your lawn what it needs. Choose a good gardener and agree to recurrent lawn maintenance. 

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