15 Stylish Decking Ideas For Your Garden

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Garden decking can be the most interesting and fashionable part of a yard, and your deck can be designed in any number of ways to complement the rest of the area.

One of the modern garden decking ideas using grey-toned planks and sleek furniture, or a classic design featuring an outdoor sofa and a blazing campfire.

We’ve uncovered a plethora of innovative garden decking ideas, including anything from built-in hot tubs and water features to small, unobtrusive designs and colour inspiration.

1. Harmonise Your Garden Shed’s Decking with the Exterior

The popularity of garden sheds has been on the rise recently. We’re not referring to sheds (although they serve a use) so much as we are to summer homes, outdoor studios, or even just outdoor workplaces.

A pond and a smattering of trees—including Scots pines and river birches—complete the serene setting and act as a soothing counterpoint to the dark and brooding hues.

2. Create a Smooth Flow with Flooring

The wooden floor and the living wall both extend from the interior to the exterior, creating continuity and a sense of unity. Up-lighters outside highlight the plants and the smart pond feature that is embedded in the patio floor, while down-lighters inside illuminate the living wall.

3. Go Dull & Interesting

You’ve just returned from a relaxing vacation and want to recreate the island vibe in your own backyard. Pick garden decking planks with a whitewash coating. But you should think about your way of life before making any drastic changes. 

Muddy-pawed pets should probably search elsewhere. Having the mop out daily won’t add any spa-like touches. If the worst thing you have to deal with in the great outdoors is a few dead leaves, then this laid-back look is perfect. 

Improve the ambience of your deck with this garden decking idea and have the best beach bash ever with the help of some creative lighting strategies.

4. Add a Private Pergola

Having a pergola suspended over a decked area makes for a more private setting, perfect for a romantic dinner or a quiet day reading a good book. The pergola serves two purposes: it provides some much-appreciated privacy for the deck and also clearly delineates the deck’s limits.

A pergola is an excellent choice for achieving a classic English rural look in your yard.

5. Try Your Hand at Some Stencil Art

A further perk of using white or pale boards is that they serve as a blank slate upon which to express one’s individuality. Create a unique pattern on your deck with the help of a stencil and some garden decking paint if you’re the creative type.

To ensure that your artwork lasts the season and beyond, it is best displayed away from high-traffic locations such as the doorway.

6. Make a Separated Area Surrounded by Glass

A glass enclosure surrounding is an amazing garden decking idea. It encloses the scenery and gives a modern contrast to the laid-back, natural feel of the rooftop garden. The decked patio’s built-in lighting is a nice touch.

7. Adopt Wooden Planters to Match Your Wood Deck

Stairs with a deck serve as both planters and benches. You can add them to your garden decking plan without any worries.

8. Go for Convenience & Modernity

What could be more stylish than a sleek deck upon which to place a selection of the finest garden furniture?

A rattan outdoor sofa is a must-have this year because it is both stylish and functional. A coordinating coffee table is a nice bonus. Then, to add a touch of style and comfort, place an outdoor rug with a simple design at each foot.

9. Spice Up Your Space with Fake Plants & Throw Pillows

Fake it with artificial greenery if you can’t cultivate the plants you desire because of your climate or because you’re a gardening novice. The look was greatly inspired by the pillows and carpeting.

10. Create Cabin Style

As a place to unwind, an enclosed and covered garden decking concept is fantastic. Despite being shielded from the sun’s beams, you may still take in the fresh air and sunshine. Make it feel like a secluded lodge by contrasting the warm timber flooring with the chilly painted shiplap walls in shades of grey.

11. Let the Walls Talk

If you have a low wall separating your grass from your patio, you can extend your decking planks onto the wall to create a garden path and join the two areas. This is great for tight quarters as it will create a more uniform appearance. Depending on the height, you should think about whether or not a deck railing is necessary for safety.

12. Create a Feature Deck Wall 

You can inject some much-needed colour as one of the top garden decking ideas by painting the adjacent garden wall. Though a terracotta, ochre yellow, or even hot pink could be more your speed, there’s no denying that this brilliant blue is beautiful and injects tonnes of character into the space.

13. Build-In Skylights for Lower Floors

The ground level receives an abundance of natural light thanks to the modern light wells embedded in the wooden floor. Lounge furniture in this garden is arranged to face a fire pit, which serves as the space’s main point. This lushly landscaped area offers tranquillity and seclusion in the midst of a lively neighbourhood.

14. Wrap a Decked Courtyard with Plants

Garden decking requires almost no upkeep, making it a great option for low-maintenance spaces like tiny yards and patios. However, you may avoid missing out on the scenery by planting as much as possible around the area.

Trellising plants is just one example of the many vertical gardening techniques available. Gardening in containers also allows for a great deal of artistic freedom, whether one is going for a more traditional, cottage garden look or a more contemporary, minimalist one.

15. Install a Chic Outdoor Space

A stylish painted sundeck is an elegant choice if you’re going for a more refined look. The garden decking and the loungers are painted a tasteful dove grey to complement the building’s facade. 

Maintaining a monochromatic scheme, or one in which all elements are variations on a single colour, results in effortless elegance. The uninterrupted use of colour also contributes to the optical illusion that the room is larger than it is.

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