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One of the best ways to make your garden and lawn look more put together is to use garden edging. In a market saturated with the best garden-edging ideas, it can be challenging to zero in on what would work best for your garden. Garden border edging should be selected with the garden’s overall aesthetic in mind.

Cottage gardens often feature natural or understated aesthetics. Therefore, you may consider using a wooden garden or metal hooped edging. On the other hand, steel or polished stone are two examples of modern garden edging options to consider if your garden is more on the cutting edge of design.

In a traditional garden, the emphasis on orderly design often requires the use of masonry to create lawn edging, which can be an essential element in the overall design.

Here are some of the best garden edging ideas for 2022, carefully selected to complement various landscape designs.

Roman Stone Recycled Garden Border Edging

Your hunt for environmentally safe brick lawn edging design options has come to a conclusion. This recycled rubber product has a length of 120 centimetres, making it ideal for do-it-yourself installation. 

Additionally, an installation spike is included in the package. It may be trimmed to fit any location and moulded to contour uneven surfaces like tree wells, walkways, and borders. Both of these things are possible with this material if you are looking for some best garden edging ideas.

Recycled Rubber Edging

Due to the fact that it is made from recycled rubber tyres, this garden edging offers an exceptional degree of flexibility. It may look like Roman stone, but setting this up in your yard won’t take you more than a few minutes, thanks to the concealed installation spikes. 

Additionally, the material is easier to transport than conventional concrete. Just a small number of manufacturers currently supply pounded-in rubber edging. It can be so strong that almost nothing can crack it.

Metal Edging

Because many types do not need to be dug up, they can be driven into the ground with a hammer. The unpainted look of metal is rather appealing in rural gardens, despite the fact that painted or galvanised metal will last longer than unpainted metal in the long term.

The process of putting it together is a really straightforward one.

Paver Stones Edging

Unlike their wooden counterparts, concrete pavers are extremely durable. However, they weigh a lot and need many days of digging and hauling to install. You can use pavers to create paths or just to define the borders of flower beds.

This unconventional method can be used as both a garden wall and a border. First, place a paving stone flat on the ground, and then, using a second paving stone, build a wall with the stones. Place dirt in the voids and compact it with a dry bristle brush.

Natural Lawn Edging Fence Border

This braided wicker edging is more appealing than many other designs. Yet, it accomplishes the same goal as the others, creating a natural barrier preventing grass from growing into your garden or lawn. The ground anchoring spikes have already been put in their respective locations.

Picket Fence Edging

Those homeowners who envision a more traditional look for their yard would be well served to consider utilising this picket fence border as an option because the pine wood has been preserved with a substance that prevents it from rotting or being consumed by insects. 

It can be left outside for an extremely long time without degrading. For your assurance and peace of mind, it comes with a warranty good for two years.

Garden Edging Ideas

Natural Rock

It is a magnificent sight to watch flowers growing on rocks of all sizes, colours, and shapes as they creep and tumble over one another. The finest visual impact will be achieved by using rocks that are at least the size of a softball, therefore, line the edges of each bed with rocks of this size or larger.

Naturally, grey stones could be utilised as a contrast to the colourful flowers if that is desired. To construct a wall with a weathered and one-of-a-kind appearance, choose massive stones and arrange them in whatever way you see fit.

Visit a garden centre or nursery to get more information about the options that are available to you.

Brick Edging

If you appreciate the aesthetic value that bricks provide to space, building a small wall in your yard with these half-bricks is one of the best garden edging ideas. Simply laying the bricks down will allow you to utilise them as a border for your garden or walkway. 

Bricks are available in many colours, allowing you to achieve any aesthetic you desire. Bricks can be utilised entirely and then sawn in half to prevent crumbling. However, this step is optional. Bricks can also be used as is.

Shovel Edging

Try this alternative if you don’t like how edging feels (or the cost of it). You may prevent grass from growing into flower beds by cutting the grass away and making a sharp edge with an edging shovel, spade, or electric edger. This will keep the grass from growing into the flower beds.

Cedar Wood Edging

Cedar shingle or shake “fences” can be easily nailed into place around the bed’s edge. The use of string trimmers and lawnmowers can easily harm them. Therefore, they have a finite lifespan.

Wood edging, however, requires careful consideration in terms of species selection to prevent damage from insects, mould, and decay. An expert advises using cedar or pressure-treated wood for a durable border that can withstand the outdoors.

The Bottom Line

Garden edging is a simple technique to give your lawn or garden a neat, finished look. The cost need not be prohibitive: Stone and metal edging are more expensive but also more polished; plastic and rubber edging are often inexpensive and offer a lot of versatility for inexperienced gardeners.

If you are looking for some stunning and the best garden edging ideas, we at PriceMyGarden hope you liked the above ideas!

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