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Landscaping is an exciting part of being a homeowner. We spend so much time in our garden that we want it to look as attractive as possible to ensure guests are impressed and to add value to our property when the time comes to sell.

Our company helps you to find the right gardener for you in your local area. For those homeowners who struggle to research different gardeners in the area, as well as get quotes from several, we take over this role and provide you with the information you require to make the right decision with your gardener.

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Tree Pruning Costs

Cost: From £100 - £500

Knotweek Removal Cost 2022

Knotweed Removal Cost

Cost: From £1000 - £12000

Hedge Trimming Cost

Hedge Trimming Cost​

Cost: From £60 an hour

Hedge Removal Costs 2022

Hedge Removal Cost

Cost: From £100 - £400

conifer removal cost

Conifer Removal Cost

Cost: From £400 - £1500

Turf Costing

Laying Turf Cost

Cost: From £200 - £300

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